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New version GSS 1.2

New GSS version 1.2 released

The new version of GGS includes a number of new, exciting features that make analyses easier and efficient. Here is a summary of the main new features. New statistical guide The statistical guide, featuring a new flowchart to guide you through the test selection. If at any step you feel...

GSS Guided Statistics for Scientists

Guided statistics for scientists

It can be intimidating to read across statistical text books, trying to find the correct statistical analysis for a study. And since statistics is such a large field, it is often difficult to understand when to use which analysis or test. We understand that scientists want to conduct appropriate statistics,...

GSS dose response analysis

Dose-response analyses

Overview Dose-response curves are use used to describe the relation of dose (e.g. of a pharmaceutical) and the resulting effect. To do this, dose response functions are fitted to measured data. These functions can then be used to calculate of important benchmarks such as the EC50 (dose leading to 50...