New GSS version 1.2 released

The new version of GGS includes a number of new, exciting features that make analyses easier and efficient. Here is a summary of the main new features.

New statistical guide

The statistical guide, featuring a new flowchart to guide you through the test selection. If at any step you feel unsure about what to choose, just double click the respective box and a help window will appear explaining the step in easily understandable terms. The new statistical guide will make test selection much easier, but it will also give confidence that the test selection is appropriate. You will learn statistics on the go.

New test selection interface

In line with the new statistical guide, also the user interface for statistical testing has been renewed, giving a better overview of available tests. This new interface also facilitates the selection of data for testing, illustrating graphically how data can be entered. Since scientists often don’t record data as it is required by statistical programs, GSS now offers several different options for data selection, giving scientists more flexibility on how to enter data. Furthermore, GSS now also supports automated repeated testing (i.e. when analyses shall be conducted not for a larger number of data sets, e.g. for data from January, February, March, etc.). This makes analyses much easier and faster.

GSS Version 1.2

New dose response interface

Dose-response analyses have always been a strong feature of GSS. With the new version, dose-response analysis can now be conducted simultaneously for a multitude of different dose-response functions. Goodness of fit measures, such as AIC and many others help to choose the best fitting function and confidence bands and intervals help to assess the reliability of the fit.

New help

A new help system has been developed, which provides comprehensive explanations about statistics on one side, but also quick and direct access to specific questions, which may arise during your analyses, on the other side. The user interface offers direct access to help in practically all parts of GSS. For example, if explanations in the user interface are not sufficient to understand what an option does, more detailed help with more details is just a click away. You will not need to search the help to find information for that options, but you will directly see the relevant chapter. We have done our best to provide help that is easily understandable for non-experts.

Our mission is to provide statistical software that is easy to use and that will help scientists learn statistics on the go. At the same time, we want GSS to include all features that scientist will need to perform also routine analyses, to make sure that that scientists can focus on science and learning how to use software or how to arange data. We hope to have come closer to these targets with the new version of GSS.

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